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Our Orange Peel Derived CBD Products

Citrus Fruits


Citron CBD ™ based in USA was founded in 2018 to provide a hemp-free alternative to the cannabis-dominated CBD market. The products we offer at Citron CBD are not only THC-free, but they have no relationship with hemp, cannabis, or marijuana whatsoever.
Instead, all of our products are made using PureForm CBD™.  PureForm™ uses an innovative new proprietary process that takes advantage of the undeveloped potential of citrus peels to create a breakthrough compound that is molecularly identical to cannabis-derived CBD.  Cannabis-derived CBD presents various concerns to consumers. Pesticide, mycotoxin, and solvent contamination are rampant within the CBD industry, and in the absence of proper regulatory oversight, consumers continue to be exposed to contaminants that pose serious health risks. While the rise of cannabis-based medicine shows great promise in the treatment of various ailments and chronic conditions, our growing concerns regarding the quality and sourcing of cannabis-derived CBD inspired us to offer a safer and more reliable alternative.  At Citron CBD™, our guiding mission is to provide consumers with safe, reliable access to citrus-derived, all-natural cannabidiol that restores balance in the body while increasing overall quality of life. By sourcing CBD from non-cannabis substances, Citron CBD­™ makes these obstacles obsolete and offers reliable access to 99.7~99.9% pure, bio-identical cannabidiol.

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Is Citrus-Derived CBD real CBD?

The CBD present in Citron CBD™ products is molecularly identical (bio-identical) with the CBD found in cannabis. PureForm CBD™ succeeded in using a proprietary process to derive bio-identical CBD from the terpenes naturally present in the peels of citrus fruits. Independent, third-party labs have confirmed our citrus-derived CBD as being 100%-authentic molecularly-identical cannabidiol, which means that our next-generation products offer the same benefits as cannabis-derived CBD while eliminating this substance’s distressing sourcing, quality, and legal concerns.

PureForm CBD™ consistently tests at purity levels ranging between 99.7-99.9%, and due to its non-hemp status, PureForm CBD™ cannabidiol is more universally accessible than any other form of this beneficial cannabinoid. Consumers who are rightly concerned by the inherent relationship between cannabis-derived CBD and illegal drugs will be able to enjoy Citron CBD products with confidence knowing that the CBD we use is entirely unrelated to hemp, marijuana, or any other forms of cannabis.

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